32mm Lateral Fitting Manufacturer & Supplier

Gokul Polyvalves supplies a 32 mm lateral fitting for HDPE pipe for use in irrigation and potable water systems. The range of lateral fittings we manufacture is for use with high density propylene pipes dedicated to fluid reticulation. They are widely used in irrigation and drinking water systems, and this includes many items suitable for a wide range of plant engineering installation requirements. The size range of lateral fittings is mostly 16mm to 110mm. All fittings with a female threaded portion of 32 mm are externally reinforced with a stainless steel ring. 32mm lateral fittings can be easily installed with an easy push in order to connect to metric polyethylene pipes.

32mm Lateral Fittings

This is mainly used to join copper piping together for both water and gas systems that provide a watertight seal between two pipes. Consisting of three parts — a filling nut, an olive, and a coupling or valve— the three parts should be installed.


  • Water supply
  • House connection
  • Water treatment of plants
  • Irrigations
  • Gardening
  • Agricultural
  • Horticultural Irrigation


  • Mostly adaptable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to cracking
  • Impact resistant and robust construction
  • Resist chemical reaction, bacterial growth, corrosion, rusting, etc