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H.D.P.E. Electrofusion Coupler: The pipe must be restrained or sufficiently supported on each side of the pipe to restrict movement during the fusion and cooling processes and alleviate or eliminate sources of stress and/or strain until both the fusion and cooling cycles are completed.

Central Plastics recommends the use of some type of pipe restraint and/or support for the primary purpose of controlling and eliminating any movement of the fitting caused by the fusion process and/or any external forces exerted on the pipes or the fitting during the fusion process. The basis for using pipe restraint and/or support when joining two pieces of PE pipe with an electrofusion pipe coupling is to:

  • Minimize the potential short-stab, mis-tab, or binding situations
  • Ensure proper cold-zone contact with the prepared fusion area so that sufficient interfacial pressure is built up.
  • Eliminate the unwanted gas of molten material from the fusion zone.

A correctly prepared and assembled joint that will be kept stationary for making free from stresses and strains during the fusion process and recommended cooling time should have best joint integrity. It provides high joint integrity when it is a heat-welded or electrofusion coupler. It can be used for applications from -40°C to +95°C.