HDPE Moulded Fittings Manufacturer :: Supplier of H.D.P.E. Fittings in India

Gokul PolyValve manufactures high quality HDPE spigot fittings. HDPE stands for “high-density polyethylene”. This is also known as polyethylene high-density. It is a thermoplastic polymer made from monomer ethylene, also known as alkenes or polyethylene, and is ideal for HDPE moulded fittings.

These are mainly used with HDPE pipe systems in pressurized water systems with the combination of PE80 pipe systems and natural gas pipes. HDPE pipe fitting is used in many projects worldwide because it is produced at high standards and has become indispensable for projects.

Hdpe Moulded Fitting - Hdpe Coupler

HDPE mould fittings that we implement are best for improving the efficiency of our production by ensuring the consumption of time, an easy product that gets changed on the machine, a short set-up time, low maintenance, and long life. Central Plastics recommends the use of some type of pipe restraint and support for the primary purpose of controlling and eliminating any movement of the fitting caused by the fusion process and any external forces exerted on the pipes or the fitting during the fusion process.

Our company manufactures HDPE moulded fitting products that are famous for overall quality, absolute safety, and cost effectiveness and give every project the highest level of safety and reliability.